Vanessa is a professionally trained dancer,  experienced event planner and has worked for the TV Show "Quiero Mis Quince" in MTV 3. With an incredible team of professional and experienced vendors, Vanessa can provide you with excellent service in planning your next event

Do I Need Entertainment for my event?

A big part of the success of a wedding or any special event, depends in the entertainment hired; they will create a unique experience  for a completely success  including choice of the right music, audience participation (if desired), and an excellent performance. Make sure to include entertainment in your budget and please, hire professional dancers, with enough experience and training to make your event flawless. Don't look just the price, look for quality and professionalism, including great customer service, authentic costumes and skillful choreography. Ask recent pictures and video if preferred.

Can I requests songs, color costumes, props...?

YES, Make sure you let the dancer/s know your background/culture and if there is any specific music/props you wish them to use. All details of your event should be in writing so there are no mistakes or misunderstandings (length of show, time, # of dancers etc.)

Do I get a contract with details of the event/wedding?

Yes, when you hire us you will be asked to fill a contract were you can review al lthe event details.

Is the show suitable for children?

Belly Dance performance, done by professional trained dancers with appropriate costumes, is  completely suitable for children, often they love to  dance and participate in the show.

Just remember, a great performer, can make all the difference!!!


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